6 Tips on Choosing a Suitable Sofa Bed

6 Tips on Choosing a Suitable Sofa Bed
While it comes to choose a sofa bed, what will come into your mind? Because sofa bed is dual function furniture, we want it to fulfil its function to our space. It saves space while we don’t need it and can save us from embarrassing situation while a guest come to visit us for overnighters. Here we would like to give some guides on how to buy a stylish sofa bed that provides comfort on both its roles.
1. Checking the Sofa bed’s mattress for comfort.
Mattresses may be open, or pocket sprung or made from memory foam. Memory foam moulds to the body to create good support, but some people find it too warmor too hard. Pocket springs are more luxurious than open springs – and costlier – and can help stop sleepers rolling together, so think about guests’ needs and your budget when choosing.
2. Get the Right Size. Measure how much space you have available for the fully extended sofa bed. As we often see that the shop will show both the sofa size and bed size,
Sofa bed don’t just come in one size—they usually come with queen or full mattress options (but there are even ones available with twin or king mattresses)
3. Check what the frame made of: The sofa bed with a kiln-dried hardwood frame. Why kiln-dried? It takes the moisture out of the wood, which keeps it from cracking or warping over time.
4. Check the Mechanisms: Most of the sofa bed is functional, the mechanism is made of metal, we should make sure if there are any sharp points that might snag your sheets as you’re putting them on. You want the mechanism to be smooth when you’re pulling the mattress out and putting it back in.
5. Sofa Bed Upholstery Choices: Choose your fabric carefully. Look at the rub count – at least 10,000 rubs is acceptable for domestic upholstery; many offer 20,000 upwards, and at least 30,000 is great for a high use piece of furniture in a home with children and/or pets. Removable, washable covers are a good choice.
6. Select A Sofa Bed Style: Contemporary style or classic style? Kind in mind your space and the whole style of your home. Then make your own choice.
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